Three Reasons for my Blog

For some reason I feel the need to explain myself and why I’m creating a “blog”. At first, all I could think was that I didn’t really have a reason… it was just something I felt like doing and have wanted to do for a long time. But then, I realized I have about a million reasons, but I’ll just list three of them tonight for the sake of time…

  1. At any one moment I have about 400 zillion thoughts bouncing around in my head. A lot of the time I find myself jotting them down in my phone, but I kind of like the idea of sharing them and seeing what other people’s thoughts on them are. Sure, I could just share them with my husband, Noah, (and I do share a lot) but sharing all would mean putting him at risk of going insane… or losing his ears (I did say 400 zillion thoughts, people!) And sure, I could also share them with friends at work… but I’d likely get fired for talking non-stop (there’s a reason my mom nicknamed me “chatty cathy” as a kid…) SO instead I’d like for them to live here. Also, I love the “anti-perfection” factor in blogging and I think it will do me some good. Run on sentences and unpolished ideas? CHECK! I read somewhere recently that blogging isn’t supposed to be shiny and polished—most often it’s just raw random thoughts spilled out onto paper (digitally speaking, of course) and that’s part of the fun of it.

  2. I read others people’s blogs ALL THE TIME and I am constantly learning and growing through doing so. DIY blogs? Yup. Travel blogs? Yup. Cooking blogs? Double yup. Design blogs? You know it. I love to read other blogs and figured why not share some things myself. When I find a great recipe, the perfect outfit, an interesting fact or travel destination, instead of just listing it on my phone I can pass it along with the click of a few keys!

  3. I am ALWAYS DESIGNING. Over the years I have created an INSANE collection of design projects. From brands and logos to brochures, websites, photos, thank you cards, stationery suites, wedding invitations and children’s illustrations—SO MANY DESIGNS. A lot of the time I complete a project, send off the final designs to their owner, and poof check it off my list. This way, I can share them as I work to track my own progress and hopefully inspire others.

So those are my three reasons right there. Perhaps tomorrow night I’ll share the other 999,997 thoughts… or not. This is supposed to be anti-perfection people!!! (for more details pls refer back to reason #2)

Anywhoobies I’m off to bed! Goodnight friends!

February 20, 2020 — Rachel Purvis

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